MedametchaReal Name: Medametcha
Physical Form: Humanoid Race - Nightsider
Origin of Power: Self-Achievement
Fighting: Ex(20) Agility: Rm(30) Strength: Gd(10)
Endurance: Rm(30) Reason: Gd(10) Intuition: Ty(6) Psyche: Rm(30)
Health: 90 Karma: 46 Resources: Pr(4)/Rm(30) with Nightsiders.
Popularity: -15 on Earth-Z(or any Earth), 5 in the Dark Nebula, 0 elsewhere.
Age: 30(Nightsiders have an average lifespan equal to that of Normal Humans)
Height: 5'1". Weight: 150LBS.
Abnormal Sensitivity: Nightsiders can see infra-red and ultra-violet light. They can also have the equivalent of Rm(30) night-vision.
Thermal Vision: Rm(30).
UV Vision: Rm(30).
Resistance to Cold: Ex(20).
Hyper-Leaping: Ex(20).
Lifeform Creation: Un(100). Medametcha can create up to 10 miniature duplicates of himself that bud off of from his back. These "mini-Medamethas" have the following stats:
Fighting: Gd(10) Agility: Ex(20) Strength: Pr(4) Endurance: Pr(4)
Reason: Fb(2) Intuition: Gd(10) Psyche: Fb(2)
Health: 38 Karma: 14
True Flight: Ex(20).
Power Detection: Gd(10).
Power Vampirism: Rm(30). When all of the "minis" successfully grapple onto the limbs, torso, and head of the target, they begin to siphon off the energy of any inborn powers the target has. If the target does not break free or successfully resist the power drain by the 3rd turn of being drained, the victim must make both a Psyche and Endurance FEAT vs. Rm(30) intensity or fall unconscious for 10-30 turns. The "minis" then reintegrate themselves into Medametcha's body and infuse him with the stolen energy. After infusion, Medametcha divides up a maximum of 30 points among his physical stats and Plasma Generation power.
Plasma Generation: Gd(10). Hands. Medametcha can create globes of plasma from his hands. He throws them to do 10 points of force, 4 points of light, and 4 points of heat damage. The amount of plasma "bombs" Medametcha can create is limited by the amount of energy he is infused with from his "minis". For every 10 points of energy he's infused with, Medametcha can create 3 "bombs" in 1 combat round for a maximum of 9 "bombs".
Talents: Thrown Objects(his plasma "bombs"), Martial Arts E, Acrobatics, Tumbling.
Contacts: Nightsiders(an alliance of alien races from the Dark Nebula, Un(100) Resources)
Weakness: See Nightsiders. Medametcha, like the other members of his planet's dominant species, loses 1 Health point per hour. When his Health reaches 30, he must be infused with stolen energy from his "minis" or suffers a -1CS per hour. This can prove fatal as, unlike true vampires(bio or otherwise), Medametcha and his species cannot enter a dormant state. When their Health reaches 0, they die. Their vampiric power is non-communicable.
Medametcha was from a planet whose dominant species used vampirism as a means of survival. Prior to the planet being conquered by Lord Slug, Medametcha's people were feeding off of each other. This stopped when the Super Namek offered to take them to planets with better "feeding grounds". Driven by hunger, Medametcha's people eagerly joined his armies ranks. After forcibly annexing the star systems adjacent to the Dark Nebula, Lord Slug set his sights on the Sol system. He took Medametcha, several of his personal guard, and 200(before Medametcha fed off of a dozen or so) of his troops on a bid to conquer Sol 3 (Earth).

The invaders met resistance from members of the Z-Team. Medametcha and the other guards made short work of Bulma, Chichi, and Gohan (whom Medametcha fed off of). It was later, however, that Medametcha met his death at the hands of the Z-Team's leader---Goku. Thinking the Saiyan just another tasty morsel, the Nightsider sent his "minis" to drain Goku. Drooling as he saw them latch on to Goku's standing form, Medametcha orders them to drain the Saiyan. Seeing Medametcha as nothing by a murderous parasite, Goku used his powers to blast the "minis" off of his body. The blast disintegrated the "minis". Enraged, Medametcha leaped towards Goku only to have his internal organs ruptured by a single punch from the Saiyan.