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Magic-Related Talents

Most of a Magic Wielder's time has been spent training for his magical profession. Roll the Dice below to find out how many Magic-Related Talents the mage has.

To determine each talent, roll the dice below. There are no ranks for talents, although a successful Reason FEAT roll is usually required to use them. After the talents are determined, look up their explanations. Once all details of the talents have been recorded on the player's character sheet, proceed to Step 5.

Talents Available for Magic Wielders
Bibliophile: The character has an extensive knowledge of magical books, scrolls, or other primarily informational items, and the lore concerning them. He has a +2CS when using or researching these.

Chronicler of Magic: The character studies magical societies and their activities.

He has a +2CS for researching and/or knowing who the adepts and masters are, what their relationship is with each other and with any beings that they entreat, and for any specific facts about most magical cults. (The Judge may wish to modify this bonus for characters or cults that have taken the time and effort to keep their identities from being revealed.)

Daemonologist: The character has studied accounts of daemons in the Marvel Universe and he knows how dangerous and hostile they are. The character receives a +1CS in any situation involving daemons, including research, communication, identification, and combat. (The Mystic's Encyclopedia contains more information on daemons of the Marvel Universe.)

New Talent: The player may create a new talent for his character. It is up to the Judge to set limitations on it in accordance with other talents. The talent should have some definite bearing on the character's powers or background.

Normal Talent: The character has a talent that he learned from his days prior to becoming a mage. Roll on the Talents Table.

Occultist: The character has made extensive studies into the area of occult happenings, including: unexplained events and mysteries of the world, hauntings, and other manifestations of the spirit world. He has a +2CS when researching or dealing with occult events.

Runesmith: The character is a transcriber and translator of runes, especially ancient, magical runes. (A rune is a letter in an ancient alphabet. Most ancient magical items have runes on them to warn potential users of the possible harm that the item can cause. These runes can be any 1 of a vast array of almost-forgotten codes.)

The character has a +2CS whenever studying, deciphering, or inscribing runes.

Scholar of Antiquities: The character has an extensive knowledge of antiques, especially ancient magical artifacts and lore concerning them (but not including books, scrolls, or other artifacts that are primarily informational). He has a +2CS when dealing with them or researching them.

Stamina: The character has trained himself to go many days without eating or sleeping in the pursuit of his magical studies. If researching anything magical or just using a spell (no physical combat or extensive movement allowed), the character can go without food or sleep for up to 6 days.

Theoginist: The character is a scholar on the origins of the powerful extradimensional beings and gods of the Marvel Universe (this category includes all of the major entities listed in the Mystic's Encyclopedia and those beings that provide dimensional energy when called upon, such as Dormammu). The character has a +2CS when researching information on this subject.

Zoologist of Magic: The character studies magical creatures and has collected books on the subject. This talent includes not only mythological or fantastic beasts of Earth's legends but also the creatures of other dimensions in the Marvel Universe. He has a +1CS when attempting to identify magical creatures and their powers. (Please see the Magical Creature section of the Codex of the Magi for many known magical creatures.