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Longevity does not automatically include immunity to disease, aging, or bodily destruction, and someone with Longevity merely has a greatly increased---but finite---lifespan.

When creating a character with this power, you need to determine both the actual age of the PC and his apparent age. In the case of the recently born (those under 100 years old), the apparent age should be middle age or younger; otherwise, how would you know the hero was long-lived?

The total lifespan of someone with Longevity is determined by his power rank. The power rank number is cubed, then multiplied by 70 years (current average human life expectancy) to generate the probable lifespan of the being in question. For beings with other lifespans, multiply the modifier in the lifespan table by the lifespan common to that race. For example, a field mouse with Ty(6) Longevity could reach an age of 216 years.

In such cases where the actual age of a hero is greater than his expected lifespan, assume the character was either affected by a process or event that further increased his lifespan (for example, being a time traveler) or that he is aware that his remaining days are few in number. In either case, this extension can lead to all sorts of plot complications. Is the character trying to complete a final task before dying? Is he trying to do something to prevent death and renew his as yet unexplained extension?

Remember that a long life expectancy includes no guarantee of actually living that long. PCs are still prey to accidents. For example, consider the case of a mad scientist who, having just completed a process that gives him a potential lifespan of thousands of years, promptly trips on a power cord and dies of a fractured skull.

A character's Longevity rank can be added to his Endurance rank when determining the effects of disease on a long-lived PC. If the Longevity rank is higher than the Endurance number, it can also be used to determine the character's rate of healing.

The player should also determine the characterÝs aging rate. Does he age in a steady but incredibly slow rate? Does he suddenly gain a year's worth of aging once each century? Although this information might have little game use, the information will help flesh out your PC's long life story or give motivation to long-lived NPCs' machinations.

Use this table to determine what happens if the hero loses his/her Longevity power.