King Kai

North King KaiReal Name: North King Kai(English translation)
Origin of Power: Self Achievement
Fighting: Rm(30) Agility: Rm(30) Strength: Rm(30)
Endurance: Mn(75) Reason: Rm(30) Intuition: Am(50)
Psyche: Mn(75)
Health: 165 Karma: 155 Resources: Un(100)
Popularity: 0(the general populace of the Marvel Universe believes the Kais to be myths)
Age: 100,000 years + Height: 5' 3" Weight: 265Lbs
Talents: all known Terran Martial Arts and some Non-Terran, Weapons Master, Trance, Resist Domination, Performer(standup comedy), Trivia(All known warrior races).
Contacts: King Kai is always in contact with the Z-Team of Earth-Z(or any of the the other Kais or Watchers).
Potara Earings(Lost)
Cosmic Awareness:
Clairaudience: Un(100)
Clairvoyance: Un(100)
True Flight: Am(50)
Molecular Conversion: In(40), limited to inorganic material.
Self Sustanence
Resistance to Energy: SZ(500)
Telepathy: Un(100)
Dimension Travel: Un(100)
Elemental Conversion: Gd(10)
Molecular Creation: Rm(30)
Artifact Creation: In(40). King Kai has created the following with this power:Power Detection: CL1000
Life Detection: CL1000
Energy Detection: CL1000
Cosmic Energy Maniputlation: Am(50). King Kai has developed the following power stunt:Force Field vs. Hostiles: Am(50).
Telelocation: Un(100)
Teleportation: Un(100)
Free Spirit: Un(100)

Note: King Kai was killed when Goku teleported Cell to his planetoid. The ensuing explosion (at least SX) destroyed much of the inhabitants. Due to the mystical and cosmic nature of the Kais, King Kai should not be considered gone for good.

Weakness: Magic attacks are +1CS against Kais.
Unfortunately, 2 major events changed the Kai forever. The 1st was the Renegade War. A group of Kais led by Bojack rebelled against the leadership of the Elder Kais. These Renegades felt that the Kai should use their powers to rule the universe. This resulted in a bloody war that destroyed more than half the Kai race. Of the Renegades, all but Bojack and 4 of his followers survived. The Elder Kais used their powers to imprison the Renegades in a planetoid(later to be known as the Makio Star) and then sent it hurtling through the cosmos to parts unknown. Millions of years later, the Z-Team of Earth was forced to destroy much of the Makio Star to defeat the Nilbog known as Garlic Jr., thus freeing the Renegades.

The 2nd major event(which happened soon after the defeat of the Renegades) was the appearance of the Majin, a race of archmages (similar to Marvel's Dire Wraiths), has threatened the balance of the universe. Seeing the Kai as weak, the Majin used their magics to enslave entire planets so that they could use the inhabitants to invade the Kai homeworld. This proved futile, in that the Kai were able to free the slaves from Majin control. The slaves then took their revenge on the Majin by destroying much of the Majin and their cities. All but 5,000 Majin survived the massacre. The survivors then scattered to the distant corners of space.

As a result of this defeat, the Majin archmage Bibidi created a magical android known as Buu. This android laid waste to each of the planets that had rebelled against the Majin. Finally coming to the Kai homeworld, Bibidi had Buu slay and absorb as many of the Kai as possible. Only 350 of the Kai survived. This slaughter ended when the Supreme Elder Kai(the leader of the Kai race) "fused" with the essence of Buu. This "fusion" made Buu weaker than before. Bibidi, disgusted at his greatest creation's weakness, magically imprisoned Buu in a mystical egg. Soon after, the archmage was killed by a young Kai(later to become Kabido Kai) who buried the magic egg deep beneath the Earth's crust.

The young Kai was then made the sole Supreme Kai of the universe. Seeing the Kai unable to protect the universe as they were before, the Supreme Kai put together a team of fighters from throughout the universe (The Z Team). He then entrusted each of the lesser Kai to watch over a sector of the universe. These Kai would recruit new members of the Z-Team to help protect their sectors.

North King Kai, was responsible for watching over the sector known as the Milky Way Galaxy. Claiming a small moon(really a round asteroid with a lot of gravity---10Xs Earth's gravity) that serves as a natural nexus between Otherworld and the Prime Universe, King Kai set up his post. For thousands of years later, King Kai recruited the greatest warriors into the Z-Team.

As a result of this process, he was able to pass on his techniques to members of the team(Goku, Yamcha, Tien, Chiao-Tsu). He continued his mission until his physical death when he died in the explosion that destroyed his moon. He then became a Free Spirit and now resides in Otherworld. He still maintains an active roll in the actions of the Z-Team.