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Hypnotic Voice

The hero possesses a voice whose intrinsic qualities permit a hypnotic domination of the target's conscious and subconscious thoughts. The bulk of the hero's commands are sub-verbal in nature (it's not what she says, but how she says it).

The hero can effect anyone within the sound of her voice. The optimum effect occurs within 20' of her location. The Power decreases -1CS for each additional 20'. Everyone within range must make an Intuition FEAT in order to resist falling under the effect of this Power. Failure means complete submission to the singer's command. Victims of the Power can make a new attempt to resist every 10 turns.

The Power can be used for as long as the hero concentrates on it. If a victim gets beyond the sound of the Hypnotic Voice, he can attempt to resist every 5 turns.

The Power comes in 2 varieties, automatic and deliberate. The automatic form is a permanent modification to the hero's voice. Every time she speaks, the Power can function. The deliberate form requires the hero to consciously alter his voice to manifest his Power. The player must choose which form the hero has. The automatic form costs a decrease of -2CS to the Power rank.

The Power's range can be extended by mechanical means like telephones and radio. Remote control has a decreased effectiveness of -2CS. Reproduction of the Hypnotic Voice is not quite as dangerous; the overall rank is decreased -4CS.

The Power cannot control someone who cannot hear it. Deaf persons or those with altered senses are immune. Soundproofing, loud noises, and simply getting out of range are effective tactics against the Power. The Power has -1CS effect on non-humans. (When creating the hero, the player can raise the Power rank +1CS by limiting its effect to members of the opposite sex. For example, Lorelei can only affect men.)

Range: See Above.