Genetic Engineering Rules

This topic is often overlooked in Marvel RPG. Most players don't know that this can provide the most realistic origin and source for their powers and abilities.

Here are several guidelines I've summed up from my 13 years of playing Marvel RPG for the use of bio-technology:
Gene-Splicing: This needs a clinic or research facility that has Rm(30) resources and a group of geneticists with a totalled Reason of Un(100). This can allow a human to have powers such as the adrenalin capacity of a wolverine, effectively giving him the berserker power. Unfortunately, this is not an exact science.

Genetic Engineering: This is actually the radical change of genes, DNA, RNA, proteins, and amino acids inside the subjects body. This is also the most dangerous way to give a subject superhuman abilities.
The judge should roll on the following table for results: Gene Splicing Table, Genetic Engineering Table

Powers that can be gained through genetic modification can be found here.

Note: To add a sense of reality, consider that New York City's Mount Sinai Hospital (In(40) Resources, Gene-Splicing therapy), the Mayo Cancer Research Clinic (Rm(30) Resources, Gene-splicing therapy, oncology, radiation and chemo therapy), and Amgen (Am(50) Resources, genetic engineering, cloning) have the technology for all of this.