DorodaboReal Name: Dorodabo
Physical Form: Humanoid Race - Nightsider
Origin of Power: Self-Achievement
Fighting: Ex(20) Agility: Ex(20) Strength: Rm(30)
Endurance: Ex(20) Reason: Ty(6) Intuition: Ty(6) Psyche: Ty(6)
Health: 90 Karma: 18 Resources: Pr(4)/Rm(30) with Nightsiders.
Popularity: -15 on Earth-Z(or any Earth), 5 in the Dark Nebula, 0 elsewhere.
Age: 30(Nightsiders have an average lifespan equal to that of Normal Humans)
Height: 5'10". Weight: 295LBS.
Abnormal Sensitivity: Nightsiders can see infra-red and ultra-violet light. They can also have the equivalent of Rm(30) night-vision.
Thermal Vision: Rm(30).
UV Vision: Rm(30).
Resistance to Cold: Ex(20).
Extra Body Parts - Wings: Gd(10) Flight.
Armor Skin - Leather: Permanent. Gd(10)
Talents: None.
Contacts: Nightsiders(an alliance of alien races from the Dark Nebula, Un(100) Resources)
Weakness: See Nightsiders.
Dorodabo was from a volcanic planet in the Dark Nebula whose dominant species were gargoyle-like humanoids. His planet was conquered by the Super Namek known as Lord Slug. After subjugating the planet's inhabitants, Lord Slug enlisted many of their warriors into the ranks of his armies. Lord Slug then selected the bravest, smartest, and most ruthless warriors from all the planets in the Dark Nebula to serve in his manifest destiny of conquering the universe. After forcibly annexing the star systems adjacent to the Dark Nebula, Lord Slug set his sights on the Sol system. He took Dorodabo, several of his personal guard, and 200 of his troops on a bid to conquer Sol 3 (Earth).

The invaders met resistance from members of the Z-Team. Dorodabo and the other guards made short work of Bulma, Chichi, and Gohan. It was later, however, that Dorodabo battled the Namek known as Piccolo. Thinking the Namek as physically weak as the normal humans of Earth, Dorodabo attacked Piccolo only to be have his arm broken by the Z-fighter and then be slammed through the roof of a building. Staggering out of the building, the Nightsider is caught unawares by Piccolo. The Namek beheads Dorodabo with 1 blast. The last thought through the doomed Nightsider's mind is that this fight was not fair.