Database of Powers - Power Categories

Definitions of Terms

Bonus Power: This is a power that is automatically included as part of the package with certain other powers. The hero must take a stated bonus power and place it in 1 of his remaining power slots. If none are available, he must discard an already chosen power or the power to which the bonus power is attached.

Optional Power: This is a power that is commonly associated with the already determined power. Players have the option of selecting 1 or more of these powers to fill their remaining power slots; this enables the player to tailor his hero's powers. Previously determined powers can be discarded in favor of the optional power.

Nemesis: This is a power that directly opposes or even defeats the power in question; think of it in terms of fire and water. The player cannot choose a nemesis! The nemeses are listed primarily for the Judge's benefit when choosing or creating suitable opponents for the heroes.
The following is a complete reference guide to all the available powers in Classic Marvel RPG as well as new additions from Judges and Players alike.: