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Political Contacts

The heroes with these Contacts have friends in high places.

Local: The hero has an ally in the local political scene: alderman, mayor, or councilman. The Contact may provide information on what is going on in the neighborhood.

State: The hero has an ally in state government---connected with the office of governor, a state representative or someone in 1 of the state agencies. The Contact may provide Gd(10) services and information, as well as equipment of up to Rm(30) Resource cost.

National: The hero has a Contact in national government---a congressional aide, a congressman, representative, member of the Executive Branch or 1 of the myriad number of agencies that infest the capital. Resources of up to Mn(75) in their field may be gained, but the more powerful the Contact, the more likely the favor will be called in.

Other National: The hero has a Contact in national government---someone else's. The hero may be friendly with the leadership or government apparatus of any other nation, friend or foe. This Contact, if known to others, may create difficulties in dealing with other political Contacts. Resources available are as for National government, but the character must be able to communicate with the Contact to gain any materials.

International: The hero has Contacts in the UN or in a similar multi-national organization, such as the Common Market of Europe. This type of Contact can provide equipment of up to Mn(75) Resource rank.

Planetary: This Contact is available to Alien characters only. The hero is well-known to the inhabitants and/or rulers of another planet and may call on those Resources (up to Un(100) or higher) provided they can get in contact with those sources.