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Armored Combat Rules

combatTo add depth to armored combat, each power (including Body Armor) and each of the FASE ability modifiers is then assigned a number as part of a random-roll table. These numbers will determine which of the armor's systems are damaged when an attack exceeds the suit's Body Armor(or applicable Force Fields, etc.) by more than +1CS, as noted later.

Note:The numbers should be arranged so as they can be rolled on a simple die: 1d8, 1d10, 1d12, etc. Optionally, assign 2 or more numbers on such a table to a power that would have a greater chance of being damaged, like Body Armor or Flight, depending on your vision of the character's armored suit and the placement of his weaponry and equipment.

Every time the character is in combat and receives a blow that inflicts more damage than his Body Armor rank, the character takes damage equal to the amount of damage minus the amount absorbed by his Body Armor.

For example, if a hero has Rm(30) Body Armor and is hit by an In(40) rank Force bolt, the hero takes 10 points of damage(40-30=10). This is per the normal rules. If the damage is 2CS or more than the Body Armor rank, the character takes the appropriate damage, and percentile dice are then rolled on the rank of the attack -4CS to determine if the character's armor was damaged by the attack.

For example, if the hero as above with Rm(30) Body Armor was punched by a villain possessing Am(50) Strength, the hero would take 20 points of damage and would roll 1d100 on the Gd(10) column(50-4CS=10). If the result is red, then roll on Table 3.