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Alter Ego

The hero has 2 different forms. One is a normal, powerless being; the other is the powerful, heroic self. When creating the hero, the player has to create 2 different beings. The statistics for the primary self should be fairly routine (all physical abilities ranging from Fb to Gd). All bets are off for the heroic self. Something many people never consider is that the heroic self might be a relatively normal human, while the normal self is something a little lower on the evolutionary ladder. For example, you might try a character whose normal self is a mutant dog (why should humans have all the deviant fun?).

The 2 selves never co-exist except under extraordinary circumstances. Possible causes of simultaneous existence include time warps, cloning, and Lifeform Creation. The 2 selves may even be separated for an extended time, such as what happened to Bruce Banner and the Hulk.

The primary drawback to this Power is the uncontrolled reversion to the normal self, especially when it occurs during dire circumstances. For example, Mightiman is rescuing a sub from the ocean floor when he reverts to his other self, little Eddy Edwards. ("Can you say 'fish food?' Sure you can.")

Variations include automatic or voluntary transformation, duration, and shared minds versus semi-independent mentalities.

Range: None.